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The Story of Maplanka

Just outside of Krugersdorp lies the colourful community of Maplanka, whose people rely upon employment from the nearby Cradlestone Mall and Silverstar Casino. During the 2020 lockdown, we became aware of the jobs lost and access to food and other necessities cut off through the restrictions.


We felt the need to get more involved and do something hands-on to help in different ways. Kingdom Valley LEAN (Local Ecumenical Action Network) was initiated and saw other churches across the nation get involved.


We didn't want to be just a source of finances; we wanted to be actively involved in the community. We wanted to pray with them, love them, minister to them, counsel them and provide for physical necessities - bringing hope in more ways than one. Our Heavenly Father is the God of all hope, after all.


We met with Robyn Wienand (also a JOH board member) from Preschools for Africa, who was already involved with different feeding initiatives. Through a series of events and outreaches, we came across this community - Maplanka - where we felt an immediate rapport with some of the local leaders.

We started taking a team with food parcels, clothing donations, and hearts filled with love once a week and we've been going ever since.

It is our hope that the Lord will give us a blueprint, founded on kingdom principles, to implement within this community, and bringing real and generational transformation, inspiring other churches and organisations to do the same.

Much like Nehemiah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem, we minister to the communities in front of us, and trust God to bring about lasting transformation.

Total Meals from May 2020 to August 2022 is 460, 320.

This Financial Year (feb21-mar22) we have served 87,360 meals.

For only R320 / food parcel, you help feed a family of four for 2 weeks!

We source our food parcels weekly from local farmers and markets to ensure fresh produce and good nutrition gets into the hands of the community.

These parcels are delivered weekly, on Friday mornings.

Food Parcels



Once a week, on Friday mornings from 6:30AM we go out with a team to minister to the people.


These times include praying with those who have physical ailments, suffering with disease, and bringing words of encouragement and hope to the discouraged.

We've seen many receive the love and salvation of Jesus and watched as He impacts their lives in a real way.



In partnership with Preschools for Africa, we've opened a preschool within the Maplanka community, giving a safe place for children to be taken care of as their parents go to work throughout the day. This, in turn, creates job opportunities as we employ and train local, community members as staff at the school. 

Hope, Maplanka Community
"I've was suffering from pain from an operation for 6 months. After they prayed for me, I could feel something happening in my stomach and now the pain is completely gone!"
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